Portugal multiplier event

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Portugal multiplier event

Date: 30.07.2021

Country: Portugal

Venue: A. Melhoramentos de Bem Estar Social de Pias, Largo Dr. José Real da Silva Sousa Canedo, nr 22 Frazoeira

Short description:

On the 30th of July 2021, Descularte organized the Multiplier Event of Fine2work project. Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, it was not possible to have the number of participants we normally have in these events and all security measures were followed. 

Descularte extended the invitation of the event to 12 institutions that work with citizens that have the characteristics of the target group of the project. Of these institutions, 8 accepted the invitation to be present. Besides the institutions, Descularte also extended the invitation to the association’s participants. In total, the event gathered 32 people. The participants were mainly volunteers of unemployed women that hare having problems finding a job.

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