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Latvia multiplier Event

Date: 15 September 2021Country: LatviaVenue: Malpils Parish, Malpils Short description: The multiplier event was held in cooperation with Senior University Malpils regional unit and Malpils Municipality. In total 50 local participants were introduced to the platform structure and work in action as well as project results. The individual consultations were held in order to…
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Portugal multiplier event

Date: 30.07.2021 Country: Portugal Venue: A. Melhoramentos de Bem Estar Social de Pias, Largo Dr. José Real da Silva Sousa Canedo, nr 22 Frazoeira Short description: On the 30th of July 2021, Descularte organized the Multiplier Event of Fine2work project. Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, it was not possible to have the number of participants…
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Portugal pilot testing phase

Date: 29th September 2021 Country: Portugal Venue: Online Short description: All projects have an implementation phase that is used to test the work developed during the consortium through a training sessions with the target group of the project. Due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, Fine2work’s implementation phase in Portugal had to be adapted since it…
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Bulgaria Pilot Testing Phase

Date: 31st August 2021 Country: Bulgaria Venue: RCCI’s conference room Short description: Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized pilot testing with target group participants, educators and lecturers, in order to gain insight into the learning platform, its contents and the project as a whole. A short presentation of the project was shown, describing its objectives,…
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Cyprus Multiplier Event

Date: 27th of June Country: Cyprus Venue: Omodos Square Short description: The “Emphasys Centre” has organized the Multiplier Event of the FINE2WORK Project at Omodos Square, where members of the target group (adult learners, adult trainers, educators etc.) were informed about the project aims and objectives, educational pack – modules, ToolKit developed and the e-Learning…
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