TPM1 – Nicosia, Cyprus

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TPM1 – Nicosia, Cyprus

DATE: 8th and 9th January 2020

Emphasys Centre organized the Kick-off meeting of the FINE2WORK Project in Nicosia on the 8th and 9th of January 2020.

The FINE2WORK Erasmus+ KA2 Adult Project (Promoting financial, digital and entrepreneurial competences for vulnerable adults (women) with restricted access to the digitalised market (home based)) aims to empower adults and mainly women to be integrated into the economy either as employees or entrepreneurs based on their needs and abilities. The FINE2WORK Programmes’ main objective is to provide high quality learning opportunities for adults so that they enhance their digital and financial competences while acquiring new key competences such as entrepreneurial skills in an attempt to safeguard social inclusion, access and participation in the labour market and society.

A big thank you to the coordinator of this project Project Net (Latvia) as well as the rest of the partners Ruse Chamber of Commerce (Bulgaria) and Descularte (Portugal).

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