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DATE: 1st of March 2021

The project is approaching the second phase – validation of teaching materials in April 2021 or C1 staff training. Initially, this training was planned in Cyprus but due to all travel restrictions, this activity will be organized online on April 13-14, 2021.
C1 staff training will help to validate teaching materials developed by Portugal, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Latvia organizations in order to help home based adults to learn entrepreneurial, financial and digital competences to start won business or self-employment, particularly women.

The teaching materials, assessment forms and lessons plans are developed in English and will be available in all partner national languages (Portuguese, Greek, Bulgarian, Latvian). The lesson plans are the advantage of FINE2WORK approach as these practical documents will help adult educators to organize training in the more dynamic way. The learning platform is developed by Cyprus partner Emphasys Centre and is now under validation in order to launch learning platform at the final stage of project.

C1 online training is ahead and we do hope to meet onsite during the final stage of FINE2WORK project.

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