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Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) is located in Ruse, Bulgaria and its origin dates back all the way to 1890s, when the importance of the city was determined by its rapid industrial development and the traditional trade relations it maintained with the Danube countries thus paving the way for the creation of the first chamber of commerce in Bulgaria. Today the RCCI is an NGO for the public benefit, providing wide range of quality services to over 1500 member and non-member companies to help develop and expand their businesses, both at home and internationally. It proactively contributes to the economic development of the Ruse region, provides support and representation of the business and entrepreneurs on a regional and national level (also through the national Network of Chambers of Commerce and Industries and European BIC Network).

The Chamber has expertise in organization of business trainings, workshops and seminars on various topics such as company environmental awareness tools and schemes, sustainable accounting, collaborative economy, business idea screening, business plan development; start-up investor readiness, responsible research and innovation process, industry 4.0 etc. RCCI also has experience in the organization of broad spectrum of business events – matchmaking B2B, meetings with foreign national authorities, fairs, delegations, consultation meeting and business representation meetings.

Contact Person: Milen Dobrev, projects@rcci.bg

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