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  1. To design the eco-system where the Open Badge system (based on the Competence Framework-IO2) will develop in order to identify, recognize, and validate the Digital, financial and entrepreneurial skills of adults.
    • To promote the use of an innovative e-ASSESSMENT TOOL for the transparency, validation and recognition of the various competences, to be acquired through the synergies between adult organisation, universities, educational centres, schools, enterprises, stakeholders and authorities in an open and digital setting (Erasmus+ Horizontal Priorities).
    • To initiate the creation of SYNERGIES between NGOs, labour market, institutions, , stakeholders, authorities etc. for the endorsement and accreditation of the FINE2WORK programme and the digital, financial and entrepreneurial skills of adults.
  2. To design the DYNAMIC and INTERACTIVE e-PLATFORM to be used for the purposes of the project which will function as an Open Learning Environment, offering the following functions:
    • inter-activity options through the e-Academy to be set up with learning opportunities i.e. KA1 courses
    • Continuous development through the e-Resources Data Bank with useful e-tools and resources to support adult educators/volunteers
    • e-Community for mentoring, peer and expert support, guidance and exchange of good practices.
  3. To take all technological actions to link the Open Badges eco-system to the platform in terms of taking the quests – challenges, issuing OB and exhibiting OB on learners and trainers’ profiles.
  4. To design an e-Manual with instructions and guidelines for the use of the platform.
  1. The eco-system of the of Open Badges for the assessment and validation.
  2. The dynamic e-Learning Platform with the e-ACADEMY, e-COMMUNITY, e-DATA BANK etc.
  3. The FINE2WORK Guide

Assessment Questions - English version

Assessment Questions - Greek version

Assessment Questions - Latvian version

Assessment Questions - Portuguese version

Assessment Questions - Bulgarian version

FINE2WORK Guide - Open Badges Eco-System

e-Learning Platform Manual

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